My Want List

Rubes Casino Chips and Tokens Want List

My Chip Trading Guidelines:

1. Trades should be chip for chip (for example: 1.00 chip for 1.00 chip) only except will be for higher denominations chips.

2. I prefer to trade for the chips on my want list. If you don’t have any that I am looking for send me a good selection of other chips so I can see what I like.

3. I will send chips once a deal is reached for Current CCGTCC members only. Trades with non-club members the non-club member will send chips first.

4. Lastly Have Fun. If you have any questions or would like to trade just click on the Contact Rube in the Menu above.

Here are the Quick links to my Want Lists

Click here for Chips from Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma

Click here for Chips from Mississippi and Louisiana

Click here for Chips from Illinois, Illinois and Wisconsin