Latest Updates

Check back each week to see what has been updated and what is new.

13 Dec 14 In the past year I have added over 2K chips to the chip store and also updated the format. Here is the link to the new store front.
27 Oct – 13 – 105 New items added to the store. See New Chips for November.
10 Oct 13 – I launched the new store page. You can now browse chips by Category and Denomination. Also look for some improvements to the shopping cart.
1 Sep 13 – Sold and Traded another 285 chips. Also removed all sold out Items. Load 208 new chips with lots from Nevada to Sep New additions section. More to come in October.
29 Jul -13 – Sold and Traded another 311 chips. Also removed all sold out items. Septembers additions will be 90% Nevada. Also coming soon I will have full details on my quest to visit all 80 Las Vegas Casinos that have chips.
4 Jul – 13 – Removed sold out items. Sold or Traded 213 chips and tokens. Also added new categories to include more states and also a 2013 New Release Section.
26 May 13 – Added another 240+ chips to May New Additions section in the store. I also sold or traded another 204 chips this past month.
30 Apr 13 – Sold or traded a total of 383 chips this past month. Also we saw the launch of live table games at Live Casino in Maryland and Last Month at Hollywood Perryville Maryland.
27 Apr 13 – Added 296 new items to the store. They can be found under Apr new additions section in the store
30 Mar 13 – Added 264 new items to the store.
25 Mar 13 – Removed all sold out items. Sold or Traded 325 items in March
2 Mar 13 – Added 216 new items to the store and removed all sold out items. Sold or Traded 182 items in February.
20 Feb 13 – Added all my Louisiana Wants to the same page as my Mississippi wants. Check it out and see if you have any of the chips I need.
28 Jan 13 – Uploaded all the new items to the New Items Feb additions section of the Chip Store. Added 160 new chips and tokens for sale or trade.
25 Jan 13 – Removed all sold out items from website to prepare for the new additions for the Month of February. I also moved all items that were under the Dec New additions to their respective category so if you don’t see look there.
31 Dec 12 – Removed all sold out items to prepare for 72 new chips to be loaded for the New Year. Thanks to everyone who has bought chips from me and I hope to bring more new items in the future. Contact me if you have a specific chip you are looking for as I might know someone who has it. Sold a grand total of 161 chips in Dec.
22 Dec 12 – Just uploaded all of the new chips I have sitting around. I still have about 50 Tokens plus a 100 more chips in the mail. I will upload those on the 1st of January.
20 Dec 12 – Finally discovered a fix for my store issue and everything has been fixed. Will upload the rest of the chips I have to sell over the weekend.
16 Dec 12 – Received the new Diamond Jo from Dubuque IA in. Chips added to the store.
2 Dec 12 – Added 40 New chips from all over the U.S. with a few hard to finds from NV and CO. I still have another 50 to 75 to add but I am having a small issue with my store program. Once updated I will upload the rest.
1 Dec 12 – Updated the total number of Chips traded and Sold to 255. 140 chips gone to new homes in the Month of Nov
23 Nov 12 – Added a few more chips to my collection so thanks to everyone who traded or sold me my chips from my want page.
12 Nov 12 – Added four new Casinos for Oklahoma and Missouri that opened up the last two months. Indigo Sky and Casino Oklahoma in Oklahoma and Isle Casino and Hollywood Casino in St. Louis Missouri which replaced Harrahs Casino in St. Louis.
10 Nov 12 – Added 63 new chips to Store. Items can be found in store category New Items Nov additions.
7 Nov 12 – Maryland Voters have agreed to allow table games at the six casinos within the state. Currently only three are open and chips should be available beginning in 2013.
29 Oct 12 – Removed 115 Sold or Traded Chips from Store all new chips are on the way so check out the New Items category to see what has been added.
28 Oct 12 – Louisiana Chips Collection and Wants coming very soon. I started the initial upload. Chips pictures is last par.
17 Oct 12 – Updated Iowa and Mississippi Collection and Want pages
12 Oct 12 – Added 300 Casino Tokens from all of the U.S. to the Store
7 Oct 12 – Added my Mississippi Most wanted 1.00, 5.00 and Fractional Chips
4 Oct 12 – Made udpates to my chip collections for Minnesota and Missouri.
3 Oct 12 – Adjusted prices for all chips in the Store. Most of the chips were reduced by 1.00
30 Sep 12 – Added Website Submission Form to Other Members Pages
29 Sep 12 – Updated member page (Virgil Foss), Added 55 Tokens to Midwest Section
28 Sep 12 – Updated Header to allow to see Page Changes for Ipad Users. Also added new Members page (A.J. Giametta)
26 Sep 12 – Updated Additional Menus to Several Pages to help with Navigation. Also added Shopping Cart to bottom of Store Page.
23 Sep 12 – Launched Website (Rube’s Casino Chips is Alive) Chip Store will go Live on 27 Sep 12.