Rubes Chips Store Unavailable for Update

3 August 2022,

What I thought would have been an easy fix and should have been done by now has turned into one nightmare after another. Still can’t get the backend program to work like has in the past so I still don’t have a working store. I am going to keep trying to get store back online.

While I continue to get this fixed I will be adding new stuff to my eBay store. Just click the blue letters and it will take you directly to the store.

8 June 2022

I am currently in the process of upgrading the ecommerce software to allow for a better shopping experience. I don’t have a reactivation timeline but when things start to progress I will post updates to this page.

While the store is down I am planning on adding scans of chips that I will have for sale. You can check back or can also send an email directly to me at and request to be added to the notification list on when the scans are added or the store is back up. .

I appreciate everyone’s patient while I finish this process.

Paul Schaffer

Rubes Casino Chips.

29 June,

Still working out some bugs on the new store front. Hopefully I can get them resolved soon. I will be placing scans of chips here that will be available for sale. I will add details on how to order via email.

Thanks for stopping by.

Rubes Casino Chips.