Rubes Chips Store has moved to eBay.

13 August 2022,

Fellow Collectors,

If you asked me 6 months ago that I would be sending out this email I would have said no way. However, due to the ever increasing  scrutiny of online sales and tax collection I am going to have to shut down my online store. I am a one man show and to constantly keep up with 50 different tax codes makes keeping the store up an running almost impossible. I want to thank all of those who have supported my store over the years.

Even though this sounds like bad news it is not the end. I will be moving what was in the store to eBay over the next few months. I know some of you may not like eBay but they provide the best solution to the issue above and allows me to put more chips out each month. In the past I was able to get about 200 chips on the site but with moving to eBay I can put out 3X that many in the same month.

For my friends north of the border I hope you can still see the chips in the new store on eBay. Though I will not allow direct orders through eBay I can still work with you just like before if you see anything you like.

Again I appreciate all the orders everyone has placed and I hope to bring you the same great chips at the same great prices. I will have a few new 1.00 releases to add there soon so check them out.

If you have not followed my store on eBay here is the direct link to the new Store.

Here is a new email address I set up for future questions.

Stay safe and happy hunting.

Paul Schaffer

Rubes Casino Chips